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Автор:  VaLeo [ 15 сен 2008, 00:20 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Atlas Live

Часть местных наверно уже в курсе, но для меня это было новостью, поэтому я все же сделаю кросспост из девел-мейллиста Атласа (мопед не мой, снапшот цвс есть, но он пока не отличается от нерабочего старого :( ):





Among the changes you should notice are:

(1) Scenery

- Scenery is live. When zoomed in close, Atlas uses FlightGear
scenery rather than pre-rendered images. This means, for example,
that scenery will no longer get fuzzy as you zoom in, roads become
lines, rather than strings of dots, and that we can display
airport taxiways.

- Scenery, both live and pre-rendered images, are loaded in small
chunks so as not to freeze the user interface.

- The world is round (almost - it's really a spheroid). I actually
like flat maps, but it turned out that rendering to a spheroid
solved many problems, such as displaying NZSP, the airport at the
South Pole. And, yes, it looks cool.

- For areas without FlightGear scenery, a default background is
provided so you don't get lost. In my case, you'll notice that
the eastern US is pretty complete, but most of the rest of world
has no FlightGear scenery.

(2) Airports

- Runways are numbered when zoomed close enough. For example, in
KBJC.colour.00010.png, 29R and 11L are numbered. Had we zoomed in
closer, the other runways would also have been labelled. In
general, objects are rendered differently at different scales.
For example, look how KBJC is drawn at different zoom levels.

In addition to adjusting for scale, bigger objects (eg, bigger
airports, or navaids with greater ranges) are usually drawn with
more detail than smaller objects.

- Communication frequencies are displayed for airports (eg, ATIS for
KBJC is 126.25), as are elevations (5670' for KBJC), whether
runways have lights (the "L" indictates the KBJC has lighting),
and the length of the longest runway (9000' for KBJC).

- Towered (eg, KBJC) and non-towered airports (eg, CO10) are drawn
in different colours.

- Airport beacons are shown (the star directly under the cursor in

(3) Navaids

- Navaids show morse code (see the BJC VOR, the 29R ILS, and the

- ILSs are labelled with headings (295 degrees for KBJC 29R).

- Markers are now displayed. KBJC.colour.00010.png shows a middle
marker for KBJC 29R, and KBJC.colour.00050.png shows middle and
outer markers.

- VORs have a compass rose, properly aligned.

- VORs, TACANs, VOR-DMEs, and VORTACs have different icons.

- NDBs are rendered as on VFR charts.

- Standalone DMEs are rendered (as boxes). DMEs coupled to an ILS
are also rendered as boxes, but without frequency information
(which can be derived from the corresponding ILS).

- Airways, both low (2 pixels wide) and high (1 pixel wide) are
optionally shown. KBJC.colour.25000.png shows high altitude
airways, while the others show low altitude airways.

- Fixes are drawn in teal for low altitude airways and yellow for
high altitude airways. If a fix is not in a low or high altitude
airway, it's drawn in magenta (these colours will all probably
change, or be made user-configurable). Note that the navaid
database we use doesn't actually tell us whether fixes are high
enroute, low enroute, ..., so I've had to make educated guesses
about them based on what airways they appear in.

- Different airways get different colours. I did this to make it
easier to follow an individual airway, but actually I find it
doesn't help much, mostly because airways overlap so much. I'm
still looking for a better solution.

- Airway segments are labelled with the airway name, segment length,
and minimum and maximum altitude restrictions.

- TACANs are shown (see BKF in KBJC.colour.00225.png). However, I
don't show a compass rose because the TACAN variation is not
included in the FlightGear navaid files.

The annotations in the lower-left corner are mostly for debugging,
although they may stick around in some form. They show the lat/lon of
the cursor, the scale, and the great circle distance and heading
(magnetic and true) from a user-determined marked point to the cursor.

In all the sample images, the marked point is KSFO (the mark isn't
rendered, so don't try looking for it). In KBJC.colour.25000.png, you
can see the cursor is over Hawaii. So, to fly from KSFO to Hawaii,
just point your nose to 241 degrees magnetic (251 degrees true), and
fly perfectly straight for 2055.2 nautical miles. In the other three
pictures, the cursor is on the tower at KBJC, so the distance from
KSFO to KBJC is 820.3 nautical miles, at a heading of 66 degrees

What's on the "to do" list before it can be committed?

- Airways and fixes need to be improved. Displaying them in a nice
way is tricky. I also need to add heading information for airway
segments. It would be useful to be able to select airway segments
and have the entire airway highlighted.

- Draw lines of latitude and longitude, and a scale bar.

- When live scenery is being displayed, we should be able to show the
elevation at the cursor.

- Reintegrate with Atlas. This includes flight tracks, searching,
graphs, etc.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


Автор:  yurik_nsk [ 15 сен 2008, 06:47 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live


не верю(с) :)

вечером буду цвсупить:)

Автор:  VaLeo [ 15 сен 2008, 09:08 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

yurik_nsk писал(а):
вечером буду цвсупить:)

Я ж писал выше, что нету смысла пока еще...

А еще вот мне только что письмо пришло
Brian Schack до List
>>>>> "Vadym" == Vadym Kukhtin writes:

Vadym> Hello! I'm new here, and far not Linux guru.

Vadym> I'm tried

Vadym> cvs up -rPRE_LIVE_SCENERY

Vadym> but rezult has no difference with simple cvs up, without
Vadym> tag PRE_LIVE_SCENERY (e.g. I need to apply the patch)

This is not surprising - since the tag was applied, I haven't checked
in any changes, so at the moment PRE_LIVE_SCENERY and the latest CVS
are identical.

Vadym> How can I get "version of Atlas that compiles and runs"
Vadym> (c)?

PRE_LIVE_SCENERY is not intended to be a production release of Atlas.
I just tagged it because I'm going to check in some rather large
changes, and wanted to identify the last "old" version of Atlas. So,
unfortunately, it's no easier to compile than before.

Some pre-compiled binaries do exist, if you're interested in going
that route. I know of a Windows version, and I can supply an OS X
version. Judging from the first line of your posting, you use Linux -
what system?

Otherwise, if you're feeling (slightly) masochistic, you can continue
your attempts at compiling Atlas. Report your problems (with a
reasonable amount of detail) to this list and some kind soul will no
doubt assist you. It can seem daunting at first, but usually there
are just a handful of problems that need to be solved.


Автор:  magic [ 15 сен 2008, 12:31 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

:shock: офигеть, дайте два

Автор:  yurik_nsk [ 15 сен 2008, 13:26 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

не, ну понятно, работают люди:)

но все-таки, большего позорища чем атлас, в FG придумать трудно. все-таки бальшие молодцы, те кто реанимировал проект да еще с такими фичами.

ладна, подождем пока юзабельную версию сварят...

Автор:  GeoFan [ 15 сен 2008, 22:10 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

А cvs -A ... что из себя представляет?

Позорище - в сравнении с чем (MSFS не видел)? Или вообще?
Кстати, надо бы поинтересоваться "мордами" (и собственно самими) tactical system. Что на эту тему есть в open source. И в обычном хозяйстве вещь полезная...

Автор:  VaLeo [ 15 сен 2008, 22:41 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

GeoFan писал(а):
А cvs -A ... что из себя представляет?

Если ты про атлас-цвс, то это обычный старый атлас. Правда там графики есть, высотЫ и еще чего-то. И оно само запускает map если нету готовых картинок.
Ну и компилится только под 1-0-0.
Чтоб собрать атлас под симгер-цвс, есть патч, который не закомиттили по только программерам понятным причинам.
Я помнится целый вечер искал как этот патч применить к коду... :oops:

GeoFan писал(а):
(MSFS не видел)?

В мсфс там окошко 200х200рх, внутри похоже на атлас-лайв, тот что в первом посте, т.е. рельеф, наваидсы, трассы, зоны апортов (и дефолтный дисп кстате следит в чьем пространстве летишь).
Изза уродской навигации по этому флайтпланеру -- маленькое окно и зумить-двигать только кнопками сверху -- даже старый атлас имхо удобнее :)

Автор:  yurik_nsk [ 16 сен 2008, 06:33 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

дефолтная карта в msfs действительно дерьмо, там только частоты имеет смысл смотреть. а вот fsnavigator или как он там? вот он мне сильно нравился. вот если бы атлас поднялся до этого уровня - было бы замечательна.

Автор:  magic [ 15 июн 2009, 22:58 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

Вадим сообщил о том, что вышел 0.4.0

Из файла NEWS:

New in 0.4.0
== Atlas ==
* The world is now rendered as a sphere, rather than a flat map.
* Atlas now directly reads FlightGear scenery when zoomed in close.
Pre-rendered maps are still used when zoomed out. When using "live"
scenery, Atlas displays the surface elevation (in addition to
latitude and longitude).
* The minimum elevation figure (MEF) in a rectangular block (the size
depends on the zoom level) is overlaid on the block. This is useful
for quickly determining safe altitudes. For live scenery, this is
automatic. Pre-rendered maps have to be created with the new
version of Map to have this feature.
* Atlas can have an arbitrary number of map sizes (before there were
at most two: hires and, optionally, lowres). The directory
structure used to store them has thus changed. Before, hires maps
were stored in the Atlas directory, and lowres maps in a
subdirectory called 'lowres'. Now, maps are stored in a directory
in the Atlas directory labelled with their size (eg, 1024x1024 maps
are stored in the directory '10', since 2^10 = 1024). So, to create
maps at the sizes 16x16, 128x128, and 1024x1024, create 3
directories, '4', '7', and '10'. Map will automatically generate
maps of the correct sizes, and Atlas will automatically load maps
from the right directories at the right zoom levels. Minimum map
sizes are 1x1 ('0'), maximum are 32768x32768 ('15').
* Maps are now rendered slightly differently. Before they had a
trapezoidal shape, which caused small sub-pixel gaps to appear
between the west and east edges of adjacent tiles. Now they are
rectangular, which lets them align exactly.
* Navaids are rendered better. Navaid labels show Morse identifiers.
VORs have compass roses, properly oriented. VORs, VORTACs, TACANs,
VOR-DMEs, and NDBs use standard icons. ILSs are correctly
positioned. ILSs show localizer headings. ILSs without glideslopes
are drawn in a different colour than those with glideslopes.
* Atlas now displays airways.
* Airports show taxiways and aprons (this just required adding a
colour for those materials in the Atlas palette file). When zoomed
in close, they also show frequencies (tower, ATIS, ...), runway
lengths (in 100's of feet), airport elevation, and whether the
airport has lighting. Towered airports are drawn in blue;
non-towered in purple. A beacon symbol is drawn if the airport has
* Atlas can show angles in decimal degrees or degrees/minutes/seconds.
Headings can be magnetic or true.
* Atlas now has a proper degree symbol. However, this required
creating a special font, so currently the number of font choices is
... one. This will increase in the future if requested.
* Atlas has a search interface for navaids and airports.
* In addition to connecting to a live FlightGear instance, Atlas can
read and write flight files. In addition, the flight profile
(speeed, altitude, and vertical speed) can be displayed in a
separate graphs window. Elevation graphs show glide slopes (if any
are tuned in).
== Map ==
* Map is now solely dedicated to producing maps for Atlas; it no
longer can create arbitrarily-sized maps, nor show navaids and
airports. These features may be added in again if demand is
* Map has some new command line parameters (--png, --discrete-color,
--nice-shading); others have been removed (--lat, --lon, --size,
--scale, --airport-filter, --enable-airports, --enable-navaids,
--singlebuffer, --headless, --glutfonts).
== MapPS ==
* MapPS is no longer (but may be replaced by - by a MapPDF? - if time
and demand warrants).
== Atlas Palette ==
* Colours in the Atlas palette file can be labelled with arbitrary
names, rather than just numbers. There is no longer any requirement
to specify elevations in sorted order. Elevations can be given in
metres (the default) or feet.
* Fixed bug in Atlas palette format - 'Material Elevation_<x>
<colour>' now really does mean "everything at <x> and above is
<colour>" (before it mistakenly meant "everything below <x> is

Вытянул. При сборке была куча ошибок. Кое-что поправил (пути в инклудах хедеров), кое-чё закомментил. При запуске потребовал шрифты с другими названиями, пришлось делать кучу симлинков. В итоге все переборол. На полсекунды запускается окошечко и вылетает:

$ Atlas --fg-root=/usr/local/share/FlightGear --atlas=/usr/l/local/share/FlightGear/AtlasPalettee
Please wait while checking existing scenery ... done.
Atlas: Scenery.cxx:201: void Texture::load(SGPath, float*): Assertion `data != __null' failed.

так... не дописал этот пост, закоментил эту строку (Scenery.cxx:201), перекомпилил и есть! работает!

Автор:  magic [ 15 июн 2009, 23:08 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Atlas Live

фон пока белый...




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